The Monster Above Me

There’s a monster that lives above me.

I know what you’re thinking. “There are no such things as monsters!” Well, that’s why I invited you over here. You’ll believe me; you just have to stay with me tonight. I know my place is messy and a bit cramped, but I wanted you to see that I wasn’t losing my mind.

I thought I was at first, though. I would hear creaking overhead and sometimes it would bump against the wall. Well, lately, I’ve heard soft crying.

Then I heard footsteps and a light appeared. The crying stopped and the whispering began. The rest of the night was quiet, but I was too afraid to move.

I sleep during the day because that’s when the monster isn’t active. I don’t know where it goes, but at least I can sleep for a while.

When it’s close to dusk, however…well, that’s when the monster comes back. It bounces above me and giggles with delight until I hear a loud voice. It stops bouncing and I cower when I hear a loud thump.

Wait, don’t leave me! You have to stay with me tonight. Besides, if you leave, the monster will see you. We can’t have that.

It almost saw me one night, but I was able to hide. I found that if you don’t move, then the monster won’t see you. It’s worked a few times now.

Because there is another monster. I wasn’t going to tell you at first. I can’t be alone tonight; I need to you understand that I am in danger!

It calls to the other monster in the dead of night. I can’t do anything but curl into a tight ball and keep still. It can’t sense movement either, but it has a bright light with it.

Shh! You hear that? It’s crying again. I told you it was real! No, don’t move! It will get louder if you move.

Oh no, it’s calling! For the other monster! Look, don’t panic; just stay very still! Close your eyes and don’t move! It’s the only way to survive the night! If you move, you’re doomed!

Wait…no, it’s footsteps. Heavy footsteps. It’s coming. The other monster is coming.

Lie close to me and be still! I’m begging you…keep still.

It’s getting closer. Oh, God…the light…it has the light with it.

Do you see now? Do you see that I was telling the truth? There are monsters above me and they won’t leave me alone!

Close your eyes; don’t look into the light. That’s how the monster gets you.

If you keep still, it will go away.

The woman rose to her feet as she turned off the flashlight.

“All clear, bud,” she told the boy.

“But Mama,” he whimpered, “I heard them. I heard them talking. They’re under my bed and they’re gonna get me!”

The woman sat on the bed and caressed his cheek. “You were dreaming, honey. There’s nothing under your bed.”

“But Mama…”

She tucked the boy under the blanket and kissed his forehead. “It was a bad dream. That’s all. There are no such things as monsters. Now, go back to sleep.”

The boy clutched his teddy bear. “Okay…”

The woman closed the bedroom door and walked down the stairs.

Okay…I think it’s gone now. But we have to be quiet the rest of the night, or it will come back.

Do you believe me now?


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