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Being Alone, and How Simple Things Saved My Life.

CW: Brief talk of suicidal ideation I’ve always been a loner. Sounds cliché, I know, but it’s true. I joke all the time about my introverted ways, laugh at memes about how quiet we are, how we flake out of plans at the last minute, and am sometimes proud of the fact that I can…

Strength from Love: Archie’s Story

When I started learning Tarot, I would scour Pinterest for spreads. I had used the site to collect recipes when I was a vegan, and it now helps me in my Tarot and witchcraft. I have collected recipes for teas, spells, and infusions (the elderberry liqueur was delicious; definitely making that again). Upon my search…

Be Like Water, or Taking the Plunge to Reconnect with Myself

Two nights ago, I drowned. It’s one of my worst fears, to drown in dark water and not knowing what lurks around me as I struggle to break through the surface. I didn’t experience the drowning, though, only dreamed it, but even in the dream I didn’t feel myself dying. There were pictures of me…

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