Short Stories and Poetry

The Monster Above Me

There’s a monster that lives above me. I know what you’re thinking. “There are no such things as monsters!” Well, that’s why I invited you over here. You’ll believe me; you just have to stay with me tonight. I know my place is messy and a bit cramped, but I wanted you to see thatContinue reading “The Monster Above Me”

Liftymandius: A modern ode to the dude at the gym that drops his weights

I met a builder in a musky gym Who said — “Two legs of mid-age muscle Stood at yon Mirrored Wall…none could surpass his strength. Hath travel’d through his years, fraterniz’d with educated fellows, Who were majored of finance, and cheery with jolly drink, The man boasts that his prowess hath never waned; The arms that curl,Continue reading “Liftymandius: A modern ode to the dude at the gym that drops his weights”


(Content warning: this story contains descriptive body horror.) “Stop poking at it,” she said. “Do you want it to pop?” “Maybe it needs to,” I replied. She huffed. “Not in my car, please.” She rolled down her window for her cigarette smoke. I wrinkled my nose and let go of the hem of my tee.Continue reading “Trevor”

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