I entered a short story contest!

I did not win but that's okay because entering any kind of writing contest is something I always hesitated to do. To have my work read and judged used to give me chills (and not the good kind). However, I'm older and in a better place with criticism so I said "Screw it, let's do... Continue Reading →

The Old Woman on the Bench

I rescued this story from my Substack to put it on my blog…where it belongs. ❤ I used to see the old woman on my walks in the morning with my dog, Bailey. She always sat on a bench in the park by herself, the light of the rising sun catching the hem of her... Continue Reading →

The Monster Above Me

There's a monster that lives above me. I know what you're thinking. "There are no such things as monsters!" Well, that's why I invited you over here. You'll believe me; you just have to stay with me tonight. I know my place is messy and a bit cramped, but I wanted you to see that... Continue Reading →


(Content warning: this story contains descriptive body horror.) “Stop poking at it,” she said. “Do you want it to pop?” “Maybe it needs to,” I replied. She huffed. “Not in my car, please.” She rolled down her window for her cigarette smoke. I wrinkled my nose and let go of the hem of my tee.... Continue Reading →

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