Journal Entry, 8 May 2020, 10:44am I’ve never been satisfied with my life because I’ve never been good enough for others. T___ died; K___ ignored me; and P____ was never there, and since then, I’ve been afraid of committing because I’m afraid that they’ll suddenly disappear. So, I throw all attachments to the wind; IContinue reading “Seclusion”

Fan Fiction Helped Me as a Writer and I’m Not Embarrassed by That (Part One)

I used to get flustered when I told people I was a writer and they asked if they could read what I wrote. The idea of fan fiction, even though it’s been around for centuries, is still ridiculed in some circles. However, I wanted to share my personal experience with fan fiction, as well asContinue reading “Fan Fiction Helped Me as a Writer and I’m Not Embarrassed by That (Part One)”

A Canadian Lighthouse Helped Me Find My Safe Space

Safe spaces can take many forms. It can be your favorite chair on the back patio, or the trail you jog on in the afternoons. Maybe it’s your favorite podcast, or the playlist you made for the moments you want to write or read. It can also be a memory that makes you smile, likeContinue reading “A Canadian Lighthouse Helped Me Find My Safe Space”

Four Life Lessons from the Family Beagle

(Content warning: pet death) In 2010, my parents got a beagle puppy and named her Molly. She was playful with a high-pitched yip and a voracious appetite. She had accidents on the carpet and chewed up Mom’s flip flops during her worst teething phase. This pup could get on your last nerve, but the momentContinue reading “Four Life Lessons from the Family Beagle”

Stan McShann the Biblical Man

Stan McShann is a Biblical Man,A self-proclaimed pulpiteer.He preaches on corners wherever he can,So that all of humanity can hear. When The Biblical Man waves his Book in the airHe wants to let everyone know,That even though he claims to care,All of us are going Below. The sole proof he has of our lost lotAreContinue reading “Stan McShann the Biblical Man”

It’s Okay to Go Outside

I love being outdoors. Ever since I was a kid growing up in the country, I was outside all the time, running laps around a cluster of pine trees or speeding down our dirt road on my bicycle. My childhood was filled with the smell of honeysuckle vines and thorny patches of wild blackberries. TexasContinue reading “It’s Okay to Go Outside”

I avoided horror movies until I had to write about them

I was a ‘fraidy-cat. I hated Halloween and avoided that aisle in the department store whenever the season rolled around. The only horror I could stomach was R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series even though they would keep me awake. I think I only read them because my classmates were reading them. I still don’t like thatContinue reading “I avoided horror movies until I had to write about them”

A not-so-rare mental disorder that is rarely talked about

I was in kindergarten sitting at the back of the class when I started to pull out my eyelashes. I don’t know what made me do it but I knew that it comforted me. On the other hand, I knew that what I was doing was bad, so I became good at hiding it. OneContinue reading “A not-so-rare mental disorder that is rarely talked about”