I entered a short story contest!

I did not win but that's okay because entering any kind of writing contest is something I always hesitated to do. To have my work read and judged used to give me chills (and not the good kind). However, I'm older and in a better place with criticism so I said "Screw it, let's do... Continue Reading →

Using Nature for Clout

Just a few moments ago, I was on my patio tending to my pansies, petunias, and roses when I spied a young woman in the parking lot holding out a towel. She and an older woman were creeping up toward something between two parked cars. One of those cars was my neighbor's and they have... Continue Reading →

Dark Night of the Soul

I have felt disconnected from my peers lately and am taking the time to seek out answers inside of me. It can be isolating yet beautiful, and I recently learned that this phenomenon is called 'dark night of the soul'. My energy with the people I used to spend time with has tapped out. It's... Continue Reading →

The Old Woman on the Bench

I rescued this story from my Substack to put it on my blog…where it belongs. ❤ I used to see the old woman on my walks in the morning with my dog, Bailey. She always sat on a bench in the park by herself, the light of the rising sun catching the hem of her... Continue Reading →

Follow me on Substack!

Good morning! I'm posting here to let you know that I now have a Substack newsletter! My Substack is free but cups of tea are encouraged if you like what I write. My newsletter will consist of paranormal short stories, folklore and mythology, tea recipes, poetry, and all things witchcraft and Paganism. I will still... Continue Reading →


She splits the inky surface, broken glass that mends when She descendsInto dark depths.Queen of algae that graces the rocky bottom of Her palace,A hearth that nourishes Her Kingdom in the rocks. Her tide kisses the shore before the ebb, teasing the sand as pipers scurryIn Her wake.Immense waves crest with foaming mouths as She... Continue Reading →

Nonny’s Rotary Phone

CW: death of family member I can't really remember what color it was, maybe black or a beige shade. Those are the colors that come to mind when I picture any rotary phone. Nonny's was something special, though. It sat next to her chair on a tall, slender table. I think there was a doily... Continue Reading →

Morning Pages 4.6.23

I woke up last night (or should I say this morning) at 1:30am. After using the bathroom it took me an hour to go back to sleep. I used a sleep 'talk-down' meditation and it worked. Apparently, I needed an external voice to block out the ones in my head that wouldn't shut up. I... Continue Reading →


Deep drum beats and a bass line that Arouses my steps under dark clouds;I skip through puddles to a beat that isMagickal, that only the wailing of a guitar brings.The zealot in me raises her face to the wind,Ice blots the morning apples of her cheeksAnd freezes her to the bone; but there is a... Continue Reading →

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