Liftymandius: A modern ode to the dude at the gym that drops his weights

I met a builder in a musky gym Who said — “Two legs of mid-age muscle Stood at yon Mirrored Wall…none could surpass his strength. Hath travel’d through his years, fraterniz’d with educated fellows, Who were majored of finance, and cheery with jolly drink, The man boasts that his prowess hath never waned; The arms that curl,Continue reading “Liftymandius: A modern ode to the dude at the gym that drops his weights”

Summer Memories of the Grocery Store

Dad was a public school teacher so we always had summers off together while Mom went to work. The fondest of memories I have of summer was going to Albertson’s with him. We went to the grocery store just about every other day. I think it was more for Dad so he could get outContinue reading “Summer Memories of the Grocery Store”

Tea: self-care in a cup.

There are many forms of self-care whether it be making art, soaking up a rainbow bath bomb, getting a pedicure, or binge-watching Nailed It! for the third time. But what about just making a cup of tea? Every culture has tea rituals. In China, tea is brewed at weddings. The bride serves the groom’s family,Continue reading “Tea: self-care in a cup.”

Horror Movie Monsters Whose Asses I’m Going to Kick

Chucky When I was six, I saw you on a TV spot for Child’s Play 2 chasing people with a knife. After that, all I could think about for the rest of my childhood was your butt-ugly face and that god-awful outfit. You made my generation wary of their favorite toys. I grew cautious overContinue reading “Horror Movie Monsters Whose Asses I’m Going to Kick”

Things that happen when you delete social media

I take public transit to work because parking in downtown Portland is expensive. I always set an early alarm so I can have enough time to take a shower, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, and then get to the train station or bus stop. Sounds like a good morning routine…if that’s how it happened. Instead,Continue reading “Things that happen when you delete social media”