She splits the inky surface, broken glass that mends when She descends
Into dark depths.
Queen of algae that graces the rocky bottom of Her palace,
A hearth that nourishes Her Kingdom in the rocks.

Her tide kisses the shore before the ebb, teasing the sand as pipers scurry
In Her wake.
Immense waves crest with foaming mouths as She dances
For the Moon, that omniscient Matron that coaxes Her to break the land.

Queen of the Seas, She offers respite from the Sun in its blind pursuit
Across the sky.
You float in the essence as She rocks you in Her arms,
Leisure in your naïveté, lured into calm with Her cool magick on your skin.

Lo, be wary of the abrupt currents of Her heart, and that you would be so bold to swim farther
Into Her embrace.
Karmic vortex for your hubris, unrepentant daring-do that you treat Her as common.
She will pull you into darkness and fill your lungs with the salt of your ancestors.

Revere her with caution, be grateful for the moments She permits you to
Bask in Her.
It is no wonder there are those who fear Her raging beauty, Her gift of preserving life,
And of Her power to take it with one turbulent swell.

Take heed of Her power over you,
And She will give you peace.


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