Stan McShann the Biblical Man

Stan McShann is a Biblical Man,
A self-proclaimed pulpiteer.
He preaches on corners wherever he can,
So that all of humanity can hear.

When The Biblical Man waves his Book in the air
He wants to let everyone know,
That even though he claims to care,
All of us are going Below.

The sole proof he has of our lost lot
Are words interpreted by men.
If only he knew, like the decent were taught,
Where his judgment could lead him then.

But “Judge not” is not in his speech,
Though the rule is stated in red.
He stands on his box so that he can preach
That it is we who are doomed when we’re dead.

The Biblical Man says that we should be humble,
To think of the blessings it brings!
Stan’s humility is clear; he never stumbles,
Though his fingers are bejeweled with rings.

“Homosexuals are sinners!” he constantly jeers.
“The rainbow belongs to God!”
Stan hasn’t seen his gay daughter in years,
His own covenant of love a fraud.

The Biblical Man blocks our path
To give us the word of the Lord.
He tells us to pray, lest we see His wrath,
Yet his own knees rarely bend to the floor.

It’s Jesus that sits at the right hand of God,
But one would think Stan’s next in line.
He has the gall to announce he’s the one for the job;
The Biblical Man builds a false shrine.

For to stand on a corner with God in your fist,
And deceptive love in your soul,
What right do you have to the blasphemous list
Of strangers not in your fold?

A fisher of men uses no hooks,
Neither do they use a net.
They use a method you missed in your Book:
To give love to the ones He hasn’t met.

So if you see Stan McShann The Biblical Man,
With his old Book and megaphone,
Smile and give love: that is God’s plan.
Only He can decide who comes Home.

I’ve been a Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian, and a Catholic, but I rarely call myself a Christian because of people like Stan McShann. He is a fictional character in this poem, yet we have all encountered him.

It isn’t easy to love others when they hate you, especially if they don’t know you. You don’t have to engage with The Biblical Man, nor do you have to forgive him. Love is not his to claim, for he does not know the real meaning. Love transcends organized religion because it is purer than all of them.

Easter brings to my mind good and bad memories. There are memories of dying eggs with my mom and egg hunts at church, but I also filed for divorce during the Lenten season, when my husband and I were still parishioners. I was made to feel unwelcome at my first Mass after my divorce was final.

I struggle with spirituality and I refuse to claim an organized religion to this day. However, I am not against people congregating to celebrate a symbol of new beginnings and a rebirth. This is something we are all striving for, particularly at this crucial point in our history.

I may not be religious, but I have faith. Faith in the passing of time and in humanity.

I wish you all a joyous Easter.






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