Ma, I’m writin’ a book!

In my last post, I stated how nervous I was about starting a first draft of what will hopefully be a 50,000 word manuscript, and if you would have told me that by near the end of week three of NaNoWriMo that I would have nearly 70 pages written, I would have laughed and taken another shot of whiskey. But as you can see in the photo above from my Profile, I’m cranking this shit out.

I can’t believe I have written this much and have spent a large amount of time on the same story. I have always been a creator of short fiction and when you’re done, you’re done! But having to fill pages with assorted chapters and multiple recurring characters, well…it can be overwhelming, but it’s a good feeling, too.

When I review the finished draft, I will make my style sheet, a trick I learned in a copy editing class that helps you keep track of consistencies in your story. Think of a production team keeping up with the continuity while filming a large scale movie. There have been times where I have had to scroll up several pages to remember what I named a character’s relative or pet.

Of course, when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about how I can change the story line, and one day I was thinking that maybe I’m writing two novellas at once. But not to worry, my friends — I have resisted that urge to edit while writing! I continually tell myself to wait until November ends and then I can take a much needed break before I tear into the stack of words I just bled out (and maybe take a much needed road trip once the Portland ‘freeze’ is done with).

The only bit of update that I can provide for ya’ll at this time is the fact that…well, damn…I’m actually writing a novel. Could it take a few more years? Yes, but it feels good to get at least one of my stories out of me. I am doing a lot of reading that centers around my novel’s subject matter, and I already have an idea for my next novel.

I hope you all are staying safe and, if you celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!







3 responses to “Ma, I’m writin’ a book!”

  1. Patti Jones Avatar
    Patti Jones

    I love this! So proud of you💗

    Patti Jones


  2. […] reach my word goal every day, but I managed to resist editing while I wrote. I mentioned in my previous post that I knew that part would be a challenge for me, but every time I would get that itch to scroll […]


  3. emilygibbons96 Avatar

    Awesome that you’ve written so much! Proud of you!


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